Customised Induction Heating Solutions

HPT produce a range of energy efficient Induction Heating Power Supplies from 3kW to 1 MW units. These systems feature cutting edge IGBT technology and can be customised for different commercial heating applications such as:

  • Rod, billet or tube heating
  • Annealing
  • Brazing
  • Shrink fit Applications
  • Many other heating applications

These units can be combined with complex automation to provide complete heating solutions, or fully automated production lines. Please contact us at HPT to discuss your application.

Annealing System

A complete automated production line was developed by HPT to anneal a flexible stainless steel coupling. The system automatically loaded the coupling, and then checked the size to within 0,6mm accuracy. The flexible coupling was then automatically loaded into the heating coil, where it was heated to 1000°C in 12 seconds. The coupling is then passed through a combination of inert gas and air blades to cool down the component, which is then dropped into a completed bin. The full process is automated, and requires no human intervention.

Rod Forging

HPT developed an Induction Heating System to heat a rod to 1100°C in 16 seconds. The system is designed to be very easy to use, and ensure consistent results. The operator simply loads the rod, pushes the foot switch and after a set time the operator is notified and removes the rod which is then loaded into a forging machine to produce a bolt.

Shrink Fit Application

A portable Induction Heating Solution to heat Locomotive Gears was produced by HPT. The induction coil is placed inside the centre of the gear, and heated for a preset time, after which the coil is removed. The gear could then be placed over the locomotive axle and allowed to cool; and shrink fit to the axle.