Tilting Furnaces Manual


The ITM series of manual tilt pouring systems uses a gas spring assisted tilt mechanism to ensure the safe and easy pouring of molten metal. With capacities up to 2400cc these systems are ideal for melting scrap jewellery, refining, small castings and bar production.

The system is ideal for small workshop or office environments, with the cooling system completely integrated into the induction power supply and therefore no external cooling tower is required.

The ITM Systems can be configured for Graphite, Silicon Carbide or Ceramic Crucibles; and can be configured for melting gold, platinum, copper alloys or various other metals up to temperatures of 2000°C


  •  Crucible Capacities up to 2400cc
  • Efficient IGBT based Induction Power Supply Ensures Fast and Thorough Melting and Mixing of Metal
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Power Control
  • Durable Powder Coated Metal Enclosure
  • Fast Heating Times
  • Available with Temperature Control with Thermocouple or Optical Pyrometer
  ITM 20K
Custom Options
Power 20kVA/3-phase/400V AC 30/40/50 kVA
Maximum Temperature 1150°C up to 2000°C
Crucible Capacity (Brimful) 1.7 L up to 4.8 L
Crucible Type Silicon Carbide/Graphite Silicon Carbide/Graphite/Ceramic
Metals Copper/Gold/Silver Based on Application
Cooling Integrated Air Cooling Integrated Cooling/ Heat Exchanger
User Interface Power Control
Power Control/ Tempertaure Control/HMI