HPT designs and integrates turn-key robotics solutions for tasks from simple repetitive tasks to extremely complex. Our services include:

•    Gripper Design and
•    Gripper programming and control
•    Robot setup and integration
•    Process design and integration
•    Easy to Use User Interface Design and development
•    Integrate robot control with other plant equipment
•    Turn-key Robot cell design, development and manufacture
•    System Maintenance and Optimization

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Robotic Handling System

HPT developed a fully automated robotic system for Autosizing of automotive components. The robotic system was designed to pick up a part from the intray, and load it into a 6 ton press. A linear motor was used to load and secure the part into the tool of the sizing machine. The press was activated and and the end of the coupling was sized. The Gripper on the robot arm would rotate and the other side would be sized in a similar way. The part would then be put on the out tray were it can be picked up by the operator.

The integration between the various parts namely the mechanical press, the robot, gripper and linear motor was done by HPT. The complete control system, instrumentation and mechanical systems were developed by HPT.