ITM Series Introduction

The ITM Series of Induction Tilt Melters are ideal for melting and casting base and precious metals; such as silver, gold, copper, cast iron, nickel, steel, stainless steel and platinum group metals. HPT’s wide range of Induction Tilt Melters are suitable for small quantities from few kilograms up to 2 tons. The ITM Series can be configured for different types of crucibles such as graphite, silicon carbide, clay graphite, or various types of ceramics depending on the application. High Temperature systems capable of reaching in excess of 2000°C are also available. 

HPT’s efficient medium frequency Induction Power Supply is used which ensures rapid heating and mixing of the molten metal. The solid-state IGBT technology utilised in the power supply ensures high levels of electrical efficiency and reliability. HPT’s induction power supplies ensures the optimum frequency is utilized to heat the metal by automatically selecting the most ideal frequency for the load to ensure maximum energy transfer into the load, optimizing the energy utilization. 

Based on your melting and casting requirements, HPT can provide manual, servo controlled or hydraulic tilting solutions.

Tilting Furnaces Manual


The ITM series of manual tilt pouring systems uses a gas spring assisted tilt mechanism to ensure the safe and easy pouring of molten metal. With capacities up to 2400cc these systems are ideal for melting scrap jewellery, refining, small castings and bar production.

The system is ideal for small workshop or office environments, with the cooling system completely integrated into the induction power supply and therefore no external cooling tower is required.

The ITM Systems can be configured for Graphite, Silicon Carbide or Ceramic Crucibles; and can be configured for melting gold, platinum, copper alloys or various other metals up to temperatures of 2000°C


  •  Crucible Capacities up to 2400cc
  • Efficient IGBT based Induction Power Supply Ensures Fast and Thorough Melting and Mixing of Metal
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Power Control
  • Durable Powder Coated Metal Enclosure
  • Fast Heating Times
  • Available with Temperature Control with Thermocouple or Optical Pyrometer
  ITM 20K
Custom Options
Power 20kVA/3-phase/400V AC 30/40/50 kVA
Maximum Temperature 1150°C up to 2000°C
Crucible Capacity (Brimful) 1.7 L up to 4.8 L
Crucible Type Silicon Carbide/Graphite Silicon Carbide/Graphite/Ceramic
Metals Copper/Gold/Silver Based on Application
Cooling Integrated Air Cooling Integrated Cooling/ Heat Exchanger
User Interface Power Control
Power Control/ Tempertaure Control/HMI


Servo Controlled


The ITM series of Servo Controlled Tilt induction furnaces are fully automated melting and casting systems. The melting and pouring process is accurately controlled to ensure consistent high quality results. The servo controlled pouring system allows the pouring speed and power applied to the melt to be accurately controlled. These systems are ideal for ingot and bar production.

  • Crucible Capacities up to 8000cc
  • Efficient Induction Generator Ensures Fast and Thorough Melting and Mixing of Metal
  • User Friendly Colour Touch Screen Interface
  • Durable Powder Coated Metal Enclosure
  • Fast Heating Times
  • Available with Temperature Control with Thermocouple or Optical Pyrometer




The ITM series of Hydraulic Tilt Induction Furnaces are suitable for melting and casting large volumes of metal. These systems are have a high level of automation making the systems easy to use and ensuring the safety of the operator. HPT supply a range of furnaces from 50kg up to 2 tons, in crucible or refractory lined configurations.

The induction power supply and secondary side cooling (water tank, pump and heat exchanger) is fully integrated, and completely managed from a centralised supervisory PLC system. This allows the operator to focus on the process, rather than on independent subsystems. The system has a number of Interlocks that protect both the induction power supply and the operator. All faults are clearly indicated on the user interface. All critical parameters and alarms are displayed and controlled on a 10” 65536 colour touchscreen panel, making the system very easy to use.


                                                                                HPT’s range of Induction Tilt Melters has the follows features:

                    • Compact fully integrated IGBT based Induction Power Supply
                    • Innovative Control System ensure maximum energy transfer to load
                    • Option to connect into plant SCADA systems
                    • Optional Remote Monitoring to limit down time in case of a fault


Power 50-1000 kVA
Maximum Temperature up to 1700°C
Melting Capacity
up to 2 tons Steel
Furnace Type
Crucible or Refractory Lining
Metals Based on Application
User Interface 10" Colour HMI
Remote Monitoring/SCADA Interface Available