Process Automation

HPT develops complete innovative automation solutions for various processes in the mining, metals, laboratory, automotive, traffic management and various other sectors.

Our extensive expertise in instrumentation, software development, industrial design and equipment manufacture ensures we provide customized solutions, optimized to meet your specific process requirements. 

HPT is able to interface with existing equipment using various industrial communication protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, CAN bus, Ethernet, etc . Thus allowing new processes to be integrated with existing plant equipment, and SCADA systems.

Our complete turnkey solutions also incorporate Robotics and Remote Monitoring if required.

Annealing System

HPT developed a complete production line to heat exhaust coupling for the automotive applications. The system was design to load a liner, verify the size is correct to less than a 1mm push it into the next stage were it is heated to 1000°C in 6 seconds. The liner is then passed through various gas blades to prevent oxidation and cool it down so that it can be handled by the operator. The completed part is then push out of the system into a collection container.

Building Automation

HPT develops customized automation solution for parking lots, both for traffic management and security purposes. HPT has developed systems for large shopping malls and hotels, were the sequence of the various booms were critical for traffic management. These systems also have remote login, so if any changes need to made to the system HPT is able to remote login and download the new software to the system.