Vacuum Furnaces

The VHT Series incorporates HPT’s innovative induction heating technology and cutting edge vacuum and automation systems to provide a complete solution for melting and casting high temperature metals in a digitally controlled vacuum and inert environment. HPT also manufactures systems with high vacuum levels up to 10-4mbar if required.

The VHT is capable of melting various metals including palladium, stainless steel, gold, nickel, metal hydrides and other specialized high temperature metal alloys. The VHT is ideal for specialized casting, mining, refining, and high volume production environments, and can be customised for the specific applications.

HPT also supply vacuum heating systems for specialized heat treatment processes.

System Automation: A high level of system automation is provided to ensure consistency in the process. All melting and casting parameters can be accurately controlled, including the speed of rotation, the power to the coil, and the metal temperature. Automatic casting programs are also provided. The various melting and casting parameters can be stored, and the parameters can be adjusted using an access controlled password.

Melting and Casting Environment: The melting and pouring is carried out in a water cooled chamber within an inert environment. A vacuum will be drawn to evacuate the air from the chamber. The chamber is then filled with an inert gas up to atmospheric pressure. An automated flush cycle function is also provided. The system can be used without the vacuum inert environment if required.

User Interface: A completely digital 65536 colour user interface is used, to ensure optimum display of all critical process parameters, and alarm systems. The user interface is designed to ensure easy operation of the system, and is built into a podium, to allow for easy mounting on a platform. The user interface also integrates a remote control for the pouring of the metal.
HPT manufactures customized vacuum solutions suited to your specific application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.